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AG50 Home / Business Alarm & Alert System

Wireless Alert Notification
The AG50 Axess Alert System has a built in cellular wireless module that can send an SMS message or place a phone call to pre-assigned numbers when a sensor is triggered.

Neighborhood Connectivity - Rapid Response
Notify up to 8 friends and neighbors via call or SMS when motion is detected to increase chances of a close-by responder.

Emergency Backup Battery
An AC adaptor with a 9V backup battery provides up to 15 hours of continued functionality in the event of a power outage.

Remote Control Convenience
The arming and disarming of the AG50 Alert System can be triggered by keypad input and also by sending a remote SMS.

Affordable, Easy to Setup, Configure, and Use
A basic SIM card and prepaid subscription provides increased peace of mind. Setup and con􀃶guration is accomplished simply. 9 LED indicators represent the product status.

. 900MHz/1800MHz or 850MHz/1900MHz GSM/GPRS
. Call or SMS Alerting Numbers - Store up to 8 pre-assigned numbers
. Remote Arm/Disarm Capabilities
. 9 LED Indicators - Power, Battery, GSM, Setting/Register,
Arming/Disarming, Zone Status Indicator 1 - 4
. Standard Telephone Keypad with Tactile Feel
. Audible Beeper for Programming Con􀃶rmation and Motion Detection
. Panic Button for Emergency Situations
. Silent Alarm Capability
. 9 Volt Battery for Emergency Backup
. Low Battery warning LED
. Tamper Prevention on Alert Panel & Motion Sensor
. Magnetic Contact Window/Door Sensors (optional)
. Con􀃶gure up to 64 Sensors/Motion Detectors

Mechanical / Environmental Features
. Controller Size: 170mm x 105mm x 30mm
. Controller Weight: 177g
. Sensor Size: 85mm x 65mm x 45mm
. Sensor Weight: 116g
. Operating Temperature: -25oC ~ 60oC
. Operating Humidity: 0 - 95 %

Basic Features:

- 4 x Zone Wireless Panel, Provided with 2 x Wireless Motion Detectors (but can accommodate 64 Sensors 

- up to 100 meters maximum Wireless reach) with Battery back up.

- Standard 1 Year Warranty 

Unique Features:- 

Performs a Self test every 24 hours and reports status via SMS to 3 People- Reports Mains Fail and Mains Power Restoration issues via SMS to 3 people

- Reports Zone Detection and Panics via SMS to 3 people but also dialing up to 5 Missed Calls to Neighbours and Friends.. 8 Notifications in Total. A normal Alarm sends 1 Message to a Control Room, that's it...

- Can be Armed and Disarmed in 4 ways - On the Panel, via SMS, via Smartphone App, via Missed Call from first SMS user...

- Activation requires NO Power Tools, and known record to date from first time seen to completely activated = 11 minutes by a Lady who actually read the 1 pager manual first...