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GT02D Vehicle Tracker

The GT02D Vehicle Tracking System is a small robust GSM / GPRS GPS Vehicle tracking system that allows the Owner / Operations Director to monitor his fleet with accuracy. The system allows for a single or multiple view of the vehicles. We make use of GSM and GPS signals to pinpoint any monitored device to a 2 DRMS (10m) accuracy. Because of the GSM triangulation, we are also able to track a vehicle where GPS signals are normally not available. As long as you have either GPS or GSM connectivity, the device will pinpoint the location and supply details pertaining to Speed, etc.

     Always know where your vehicles are

     Know when a vehicle makes a stop vs a parking. See unscheduled or unplanned Stops

     Know when a vehicle is over a pre-defined speed as determined by the Owner / Ops Director

     Set a perimeter (Geo-Fence) to where the vehicle is allowed to travel.


The unit allows for the full monitoring of the vehicle.

GPS Positioning           Via GPS positioning. User can track the vehicle location, speed and routes through phone or computer. 

Route Playback           Do a playback of the routes for the last 60days. All Information can be exported to excel

ACC  Detection            Detect when the vehicle is idling and when the same is switched off.

Speed Alarm               Set up a pre-defined speed to be notified when the vehicle is over the speed limit and for the time duration.

GPS / GSM Antenna    The unit come with a build-in GSM and GPS antenna

Geo-Fence                   Set a perimeter to where the vehicle is allowed to operate within.

Battery                        Unit comes with a build in battery to allow continuous working if/when the vehicle battery is disconnected. .


The unit can be monitored via a mobile app or via the web. Every user will have their own log-in credentials to allow for single device monitoring, or for fleet monitoring. This will ensure that you have full access to your vehicle’s location and can also track and trace the same via the mobile app.

For Fleet monitoring, the Owner / Ops Director can look at the whole fleet, per Region or a single vehicle. All data are exportable to Excel for Record Keeping and can be used when required. 

GPS Tracker Status

The Status will allow you to see the current status of the unit. The display is refreshed every 10 seconds to allow for active tracking. The Status display will show you the current status of the device, Location, Device Unique name, Position Time, Stop Time etc. 

Batch Overview

The batch view will allow the user / fleet owner to see all the devices linked to his account. From here, he/she can access any device to see the status etc for that device.  

The “Target Name” can be changed to a “Custom Name” to identify the specific device. 

Geo Fence

Geo Fence will allow the owner/administrator to set up a custom perimeter. When the unit goes outside this area, a notification is send to the owner/administrator. This can be used for vehicles that is only allowed to stay within a pre-defined area, or if the owner wants to be notified before the vehicle gets close to a border. 

Mileage Report

The Mileage report shows you the distance traveled, time of the trip and the amount of times the vehicle went over the pre-defined speed. 

Historical Route Tracking

This feature allows the owner/administrator to view the historical trips for the last 60 Days.  The system brings up a calendar screen for easy selection and guidance between the various dates. 

One can do a playback of the trip to see the speed, stop time etc. of a specific trip. When the “play” button is pushed, the travel trip is played out with the variable speed etc. showed for the defined trip. 

 Movement Statistics

Within this report, one can see the total amount of stops, starts, over-speed alarms etc. for a defined day or period. One can view the details for a batch or per single vehicle. 

Overspeed Details

One can monitor the vehicle/s and see when and where the vehicle went over the pre-defined maximum speed and the time the vehicle was over the speed limit. This will allow the owner / administrator to show with proof the usage of the vehicle and point out possible misuse or negligence. 

Stop& Park Details

One can see when a vehicle made an unplanned stop or parked for a longer time (Stopped with the engine cut).  

This will allow the Owner / Ops Director to determine any potential theft, negligence, passengers etc.


Tracking report - Export to Google Earth

The system does allow you to export a specific device historical details to a KML Track & KML Anchor file. This is useful when the information is required off-site or in a court case etc.

This feature allows the Owner / Operations Director to show via Google Earth all the relevant details. 

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